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Carnival Destiny Nov 2001
Interesting Sights
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Here are pictures of some of the memorable sights from our trip.


Here we are sitting on the dock / pier in Curacao. It was actually quite breezy today. The breeze was welcomed as it was quite hot.

A pelican on a post; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here is Rachel looking at the port in Curacao. She loved that balcony room view.

Here's the port of Aruba from our Cabin once again. The blue white and orange roof buildings is where ya shop in Aruba and not the ones by the cruise ship. Carlos n Charlies is the party bar to go to if ya like a good time. Highly recommended pre and post sunset cruise.

My favorite places....

After touring the entire caribbean or at least most of it over the last few years. There are only a handfull of places I would want to see again. One is St. Thomas and the other is Aruba. These islands were absolutely beautiful.